Well done….

You saw the cutie at the mall, fearlessly went up and introduced yourself getting her into a fun conversation and creating some epic chemistry, asked for her number, and got it…

And now, you have set up the date!

You suave bastard you 😉

But now you have a problem….

You aren’t exactly the most well dressed cat on the block and you don’t want to show up to this date looking like a total outcast…

So what do you do?

Take a deep breath, smile, and stop worrying! We are here to help and we have some of the best outfits for any date lined up for you.

It should be noted however, that while these outfits work no matter what your body type, you will always look better in anything when you are clothing a lean, mean, sexy superhero physique, so that said, if you aren’t in the best shape, now may be time to start working on it. (We highly recommend Kinobody’s Warrior Shredding Program and no we are not affiliated, we just like his stuff)

Now, with that out of the way it is time to dive into the good stuff.

The Rules of the Game

Before we go giving you actualy outfits to wear out on your date, let’s get some of the rules of style down first, because unfortunately, there are some people (certainly not you…we hope), who can take a perfectly good outfit and royally f*&% it up for everybody because they don’t know these few simple things.

Rule #1: Fit First

The absolute WORST!

We repeat WORST!

Thing that you can do is to buy a nice shirt, suit, or pair of pants that do not fir.

Fit is absolute king.

Shirts should have the shoulder seam flush with your shoulder, short sleeves should be a little less than halfway down your bicep, and long sleeve shirts should come to your wrist.

They should be tight around the chest and looser around the waist.


With pants, the seam should come down past the top of your shoes while you are wearing them, they should make your ass stand out and should fir snuggly around your waist without making you look like a teenage thug who still thinks that “pants on the ground” is a cool look.

Look at the example above for an idea of what we mean…

Do you see how the same man in the same outfit looks completely different in terms of body shape, confidence, and success simply by how it fits?

Fit is important, make sure you act like it.

Rule #2: When it Doubt, Throw it Out

If you don’t know whether something is appropriate to wear past your college years, it’s probably not…

You know, things like your tapout T-shirt, that Slipknot shirt you got when you went through your teenage angst phase, or the one with the naked chick on the back…..

Throw it out…

Who would you rather be


This fine specimen of humanity


Or this grade A badass?

If you answered anything other than Steve McQueen…

Get off of our site….


Rule #3: Stick to the Classics

Want to know how you will never go wrong when picking an outfit to wear out?

Stick to the classics.

Things that have been worn for decades, even centuries and remained in style are classics.

An easy way to tell if something is a class is to ask “Would Frank Sinatra have worn this”

As Christian McQueen said in his great article on style

“Want to know why a white t-shirt, jeans and boots work? Because it’s a damn classic look”

Damn Classic 1

Dress shirt, pants and a tie? Damn classic

Damn Classic 2

White t and jeans? Damn classic


Jeans and a cardigan sweater with some sweet ass boots?? DAYUUMMMMM Classic!

Basically, just go to google images, type in Steve McQueen, James Dean, Daniel Craig, or Colin Farrell and you will be set

The Down and Dirty

Ok, so now that you have some basic style sense and understand a few things, it is time to get you a couple of outfits that will help you rock your next date.

So the first obvious thing to point out is that not all outfits will be appropriate for all venues. For example, you would not want to wear a suit to a coffee date, and you wouldn’t want to wear a casual shirt and shorts to a dinner at an uppity hotel restaurant.

So with that in mind…

Here are three outfits to help you rock your next date.

Outfit 1: The Coffee Shop

This is an easy go to outfit that you can shift up based on the weather.

All you need is a pair of dark wash denim jeans, a white dress shirt, and a sweater of your choosing.

If the weather is hotter, simply remove the sweater.


Outfit 2: The Relaxed Date

This is another timeless look that is easy to put together and relatively inexpensive.

All you need is a pair of dark denim jeans, boots, a nice leather belt, and a henley


Outfit 3: The Bad Boy

This is a great option for those of you guys who want to build an air of mystery and badassery.

All you need is jeans, an undershirt and a leather jacket.

Bad boy style