Ahhhh, New Years, I can just smell the dozens and dozens of gym memberships being purchased never to be used. I can almost taste all of the businesses that are almost started, the approaches that nearly happened, and the awesomeness that you almost didn’t miss out on.

For some of us, New Years is a time where we remind ourselves just how crappy we are at doing anything with our lives and it makes us feel like we are doomed to lives of failure, doomed to setting goals that we never follow through on.

So how can we change this!?

While most people may be spending their time setting resolutions that they will never follow through with, you are not most people. You are going to make 2016 the year that changes everything.

But the question remains…how the hell will you do that?

The Key to Kickass in 2016: Emotional Mastery

I can almost hear an audible groan coming from about 90% of you who just read that. You are probably thinking, “Really!? I came to this article to hear how to make 2016 the best year ever and you are about to blow smoke up my rear about EMOTIONS??”

While you casually take a chill pill, let me explain.

Why do you do the things you do? Why do you procrastinate on projects when you know you shouldn’t? Why do you hit the snooze button instead of getting up and getting into your kickass morning routine.

It’s all about your emotional state!

Think about it! When you were a kid on christmas morning, did you have to have your parents come in and wake you up, yelling at you to go downstairs and open presents?

NO! You were so juiced to tear into your mountain of gifts that sleep was the last thing on your mind!

Does anyone have to convince you to pursue your favorite hobbies or passions? I strongly doubt it!


Because of your emotional state.

So now you may be asking “Ok so that makes sense, but how in the world do I apply this to my goals for 2016?”

Glad you asked.

The Three Emotional “Masters”

There are three “masters” of your emotional state that if taken control of can rapidly accelerate the quality of your life. They are

1) Physiology
2) Language
3) Focus

Now any of you familiar with Tony Robbins will know that this has been shamelessly stolen from his concept of the Emotional Mastery Triad, but hey, we never said this was original. We just said it works.

1. Physiology


I want you to do something for me. Yes, you! Right now!

I want you to stand up and take 3 HUGE belly breaths, fist pump the air, smile, and jump around.

Now odds are less than 1% of you reading this actually followed through on what I just said, however, for those of you who did, I would bet that you are feeling pretty good right now!

You see, nothing affects your emotional mood as much as your physical mood. In fact, several studies have shown that your physical demeanor (e.g. slouched, upright etc.) can literally change the hormonal balance of your body releasing more testosterone or cortisol as the posture merits.

A study at Ohio State in 2003 found out that when participants simply nodded or shook their heads while verbally answering questions, their responses were significantly more biased without them even realizing it!

What does this mean for you and your goals in 2016?

It means that your physiology is everything!

Learning to manipulate your physiology could mean the difference between achieving your goals and failing in 2016.

So how do you do this?

The key is to get yourself into a great physical state, and this is accomplished in several ways.

1) Exercise

First and foremost, you must be exercising every single day in some capacity or you are missing out on your body’s built in chemical productivity boosters. Study after study has shown the positive correlation between daily exercise and performance across other fields, in fact Richard Branson’s #1 tip for aspiring entrepreneurs was simply to exercise!

So whether this is one of your new year’s goals or not, it is essential that this is a priority for you in 2016, even just a light jog or brisk walk will stimulate your brain and get the blood and oxygen flowing to your brain. Do something everyday for at least 20 minutes and you will find your results starting to soar.

2) Diet

The second thing you must master for a great physical state is your nutrition. Look, I don’t care how many powerful stances you get into, how loudly you yell that you’re the best or how many times you review your goals, if your nutrition sucks, your performance will suck, period.

But eating healthy doesn’t have to be painful. Try and stick to an 80/20 approach. 80% of the time eat wholesome foods and 20% of the time, just enjoy enjoy stuffing your face with ice cream and pizza.

For an added edge you can also make a daily green smoothie to alkalize and energize your body. Trust us, once you try these, you will never go back!

3) Your Body Language 

Once your body is operating on all cylinders and you are properly fueling it and exercising regularly, it is time to master the last piece of the puzzle: your body language.

Simply put, take up more space, stand up tall, take deep breaths, sit up straight at your desk (or buy a standing desk), keep your head up and a smile on your face.

If you do those things alone, it is quite difficult to lose control of your emotional state, however, for achieving your specific goals there are a few more things you can do for ultimate mastery.

2. Language


What we are about to talk about may sound a little woo woo or secret-esque, but hang in there and it will all make sense.

The second piece of the ultimate achievement puzzle is to master the art of verbal focus or incantations (sometimes called affirmations).

Incantations are basically stating your goals about what you want to achieve, who you want to become, how you want to feel, and who you want in your life, over and over and over with such emotional intensity that they become permanently ingrained in your nervous system. (I mean this figuratively for all the science buffs out there)

The  basics of incantations are simply a word or a phrase that you say out loud while in a positive physical state, normally with some epic music playing in the background.

An example of some incantations would be

  • Every day in every way I am getting stronger and stronger
  • You’ve got one life, one shot, give it all you’ve got!
  • Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all
  • I easily create financial freedom for myself and my family
  • I easily build a 6-figure a month online business
  • I am a ripped, lean, weight crushing machine
  • I am the best choice for any woman and naturally attract women who are beautiful inside and out

You can also create specific incantations for issues you are currently facing. For example if you are struggling with something outside the “normal” personal growth sphere of health, wealth, and relationships, such as porn addiction, over sleeping, or inferiority because of your youth, your incantations would be something like this

  • What I fill my mind with is what I attract, and I refuse to fill my mind with an unfulfilling and broken view of sex
  • I easily function on 6 hours of sleep and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and rejuvinized
  • Youth is energy and charisma, I have what everyone else wants, therefore youth is my greatest asset.

Play around with them to find what is right for you and incorporate 10 minutes of powerful incantations into your morning routine. If you are too embarrassed to do them in the house or don’t want to wake others up, do them in your car on your way to work.

They may seem a little cooky, but they work, not because they magically build your dream life for you, but because they keep you focused on your goals and build a positive emotional connection to your goal and therefor the actions necessary to achieve it.

And speaking of focus

3. Focus

Photoshop created Magnifying glass with focus on success

What you focus on expands, this is simply a law of nature. The more you focus on what you want, the easier it will be to attain it, the more you focus on what you don’t want, the more you will attract it into your life.

So how do you master your focus to take control of your emotional state and achieve your goals?

Through regular reminders and gratitude.

Every morning write your goals down on paper at least once, look at them for 5 minutes, saying the goal out loud in the positive present (e.g. I am earning 6-figures a month through my online business), close your eyes and visualize your goals, remind youreslf of why you want to achieve them.

And then, be grateful for what you have.

If you are reading this article right now, you are blessed beyond anything 90% of the population could ever imagine. Even if you are homeless, you still have access to the internet, a support network, and so much more than many of the world’s poorest.

You are blessed! And the more you remind yourself of this blessing and the more you focus on abundance and gratitude, the more of it will come to you.

The Missing Piece: Action

What you must understand about all of the tactics discussed in this article is: They work! IF YOU DO!

These are not supposed to be some sort of cure all for your problems that will magically force the universe to dump a million dollars, unlimited fulfillment, and a beautiful loving wife into your lap!

These are weapons in your armory that better equip you to emotionally handle the inevitable stress and challenge of achieving your goals.

Whenever you are in a positive state, problems become challenges, stress becomes a game, and taking MASSIVE action towards the life you want becomes the natural thing to do!

When you combine everything from this article with consistent action towards the life you want, not only will you achieve everything you want quicker than you imagined, but you will feel more fulfilled doing it!

Happy new year, and here’s to crushing it in 2016