Ah! Thank God it’s Friday!! (actually I am writing this on a Wednesday but that is neither here nor there)

Time to kick back, relax, and spend a whole weekend mindlessly wasting time to the tune of Game of Thrones and Fallout 4 right?


That depends entirely upon you and your goals and ambitions. Do you want to crush it in your body, business, relationships, and personal growth/spirituality? Then you need to reconsider your weekends.

There are 2,544 hours in your year that most individuals will never tap into. Accounting for 8 hours of quality sleep each night, you have over 1,696 hours of extra time that you could be investing into your health, relationships, business and more!

While other people are spending their time hungover and going to bed after 14 hour long netflix binges, you can be crushing it and setting yourself up for an amazing week!

We aren’t telling you that you have to crush 16 hour work days every single Saturday and Sunday (quite the opposite actually) but we are telling you that there are ways you can make the most out of your weekends while still enjoying yourself that will set you up for amazing weeks, months, and years.

So; here are 5 ways to make the most out of your weekends.

1. Relax and Unplug

The first thing to do over the weekends is enjoy yourself. You have worked hard throughout the week, been grinding and chugging along, and now it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy a couple of days where you can rest and recharge.

But what does it mean to relax?

It sure as hell doesn’t mean that you sleep 16 hours and spend the whole day in your pajamas watching Netflix, but rather that you are intentional about doing things that provide you with energy and rejuvenate your mind and body.

While this can be different for everyone, here are some things that we have found that give us the most energy and help us to recharge our batteries after long week.

~Go to bed early and sleep a solid 8-10 hours

~Enjoy a long morning coffee while reading a good book or connecting with your spouse/girlfriend

~Get out in nature and go for a walk

~Invest time into your favorite hobbies whether it’s music, woodwork, hunting, cooking, or writing

~Go to the spa and get a full body massage

~Have a long brunch with a friend at a local cafe

Do anything you can that will help you feel recharged and relaxed, it will work wonders in destressing you and preparing you for a new week.

2. Refocus Your Intentions

During the week it is very easy to get sidetracked from your top priorities, goals, and values, as complications arise and issues appear that demand your attention. The weekends are a fantastic time to review and refocus your intentions on why you are doing what you are doing.

Are you working towards financial freedom for yourself and your future family? Saving up for that trip across Thailand? Saving for that sweet new car? Whatever your goals are, ensure that they are in the forefront of your mind as you end and begin each week as this will give you the necessary push to make it through difficult tasks and challenges. (Goals are even more powerful when they are not about you but about a greater cause)

Spend time looking at your vision board, rewrite your goals, read a book like Think and Grow Rich, listen to a podcast related to what you are seeking to achieve. Do anything that refocuses the intention of your mind onto your dreams and desires.

This will take less than 30 minutes and it will provide you with all the motivation you need to totally crush the upcoming week.

3. Reconnect with Your Friends and Family

As each week brings its own unique challenges and successes, and as you continually work hard towards your financial goals, it is easy to lose focus of the one thing that matters more than everything else; relationships.

While money, health, and being a total badass are great and vastly improve the quality of your life and happiness, nothing will affect your overall well being more than your relationships.

At the end of each week, take some time to spend a few hours with people who recharge you and fill you with energy. Whether this means spending time with an encouraging mentor, grabbing a meal with a childhood friend, inviting your family over, or taking your significant other on a date (or going out and meeting potential significant others)

Do what you need to do to ensure that your relationships are taken care of and you are surrounded by people who you love and who love you.

4. Work on a Side Project

If you are currently in the 9-5 grind, meaning you are working a job that you dislike, or feel like you have more to offer the world than what your current position allows, then the weekends are going to be time for you hustle like hell.

If you want to escape the rat race then working on weekends is an absolute must. While many of you will willingly invest an extra 16 hours of work on the weekends, what we suggest is simply extending your work week one day to Saturday, working 8 hours, and then taking Sunday as a day to completely rest and recharge.

By working a mere 8 hours a weekend (you could even do 4 saturday and 4 Sunday) you will be investing 424 extra hours into your side business each year. And assuming that you spend absolutely no time on it during the weeks, even working weekends only is enough to create a healthy part time income that will allow you to cut back on your 9-5 until you achieve financial freedom.

While it might not be fun, it might not be sexy, and it sure won’t be pleasant working your butt off while friends hit up the bars and go out with their girlfriends. This simple investment could be the difference between true freedom and wealth and a lifetime or uninspiring work.

5. Create a Plan of Attack

Ok, you’ve taken some time to rest and recharge your batteries and you are feeling awesome, you have refocused on why you are doing what you are doing throughout the week, you have invested time into important relationships, and if necessary, you have worked your tail off on your side gig. Now…it’s time to plan.

By taking one hour out of your week to create a plan of attack, you set your week up for success before it even happens. Personally our favorite method for weekly planning comes from Peter Voogd, called the Weekly Masterplan.

Here is the basic weekly masterplan:


~Write down your top 5 wins from last week

~Write down your top 5 lessons/challenges from last week

~Write down your 3 most important priorities (the “big frogs” of the week)

~Write down your 3 non-negotiables (3 things such as exercise, family time etc. you will do no matter what)

~Review DAILY to stay focused and intentional throughout the week

In Conclusion

So there you have it! Five ways to kick some serious arse over your weekends that will leave you feeling, rested, recharged, and on fire for the coming week.

So take some action, get out there, and keep on crushing