There are plenty of people out there who are sitting at the cutting edge of fashion – attending runway shows, reading fashion blogs and researching this season’s trends.

These people know the latest and greatest in fashion and are adopting looks way before they make it into the mainstream. They’re papped at fashion weeks by bloggers and tend to experiment a lot more with their looks.

Then you have the just as stylish, but classically inclined fashionistas. These value versatile staples, iconic classics and timeless mainstays. They are careful in their approach and value things like high quality materials, a perfect fit and go for pieces that will be just as stylish in 20 years as they are now.

So, where are you on this trend spectrum?

Somewhere in the middle?

Trying to decide on your preference?

Well, to make sure you can make an informed decision on what way of dressing suits you, we’ve created this short for-and-against piece to help you along the way. No worries, you can thank us later.


First off, let’s look at what each way of dressing is going to cost you the most. As you’re already fully aware, fashion and style evolve over the seasons and years, what was hot in spring may be out in autumn.

That means, if you’re constantly keeping up with that season’s biggest trend, you’ll be needing to do almost an entire wardrobe overhaul every six months. That will amount to a lot of expenditure.

On the other hand, if you stick to timeless and versatile staples, you will only need to buy new versions when they’re either worn out, lost or you just fancy a new colourway. If you invest well, most staples like oxford shirts, denim shirts, jeans and bombers will last a good few years.

It’s a timeless style that takes this round then.

Photo Credit: Pintrest

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

The score?

0-1 Classics


The other factor to consider is your own age. If you’re reaching the wrong side of 30, it’s probably time you stopped following the more experimental trends – your swelling body shape, balding head and baggy eyes are letting you down too much to be wearing the latest fad trend.

If you’re getting close to 40 than you are to 20, it’s probably time to give skinny jeans a rest.

Similarly, if you still have youth on your side, it’s probably not quite time to be sticking to older looks – enjoy the freedom of being young!

You can get away with more individual and experimental styles and trends when you’re in your early twenties than when you’re in your late thirties so be brave and try something new!

Having said that, you could still stick to a timeless style and look spot on. You just won’t be attracting the attention of any street style photographers.

Trends take this round..

idle man 2

Photo Credit: Eat Sleep Denim



This is always going to be a big category for men – if there’s an easier option, men will usually take it.

Now, staying on or ahead of trends is, without question, the harder of these two options. You have to read blogs, attend fashion shows and talks, stay up to date on men’s street style pages and keep trying new styles, with an acceptance that some things won’t work and others will.

All a bit of a headache really.

Timeless styles, on the other hand, are always relevant. Can you imagine a dress shirt ever becoming irrelevant?

This eliminates the need to research, try things on, develop your style every season and keep reading those trend forecasts. It’s no where near as exciting in some people’s’ opinion but it’s a hell of a lot easier.

Timeless style takes this one

idle man 3

Photo Credit: Tumblr

1 – 2


Now some of the biggest fashion icons, for men, all have a timeless quality to their look – David Beckham, Steve McQueen, James Dean and Idris Elba being the perfect case in point.

Even with that said, it’s not these types of people that are breaking boundaries, creating new looks or pushing the fashion world forward.

The likes of Kanye West, Rocco Ritchie and ASAP Rocky, although not loved by everyone, are trying new things and trying to push boundaries.

This leads to adoption of their style in the years to come. So, although they may not be your ideal fashion icon, they do help the progression of fashion as a whole.

It’s got to be trends that win this one

idle man 4

Photo Credit: Habitually Chic


The Result


So honours are shared. If you’re after a money-saving, effortlessly cool style, head for your classic looks. If you want to use your youth to its full potential and push the boundaries into new looks, then keep following those trends. Our advice? Do a bit of both. Build a wardrobe around some classic pieces and throw in some trend pieces and customisations to finish it off with a contemporary feel.