Outside of your physical health, there is nothing more important in your life than your relationships, and outside of your family (perhaps even before your family) there is nothing more important than your significant other.

The person that you decide to spend the rest of your life with and build your dreams together.

However, to find this woman of your dreams, the person that you want to wake up with every morning and share in life’s adventures, joys, disappointments, and sorrows with, you must first develop your dating and relationship skills.

You have to start by learning how to interact with women, by learning how to be the man that women want, so that when that one girl comes along who changes everything, you are prepared.

To help you in this journey, hundreds of men have gone before you and written their knowledge down to share with the world.

We will be highlighting the 7 most important books for you to read to master your dating life, and indeed you personal life. Equipped with this knowledge and the appropriate proportion of action, you will be able to fearlessly move into the world and go after the woman of your dreams.

The Top 7 Books to Radically Transform Your Dating Life

1. The Way of the Superior Man

Perhaps one of the most important books for any man to read, David Deida’s “The Way of the Superior Man” is the ultimate guide to mastering spirituality, masculinity, sex, and purpose.

While the wording may be a little mystical, ambiguous and woo woo, if you can pierce through the language and find the meaning behind Deida’s words, you will be left with a comprehensive guide on how to be a true man in the 21st century.

Deida teaches you the importance of prioritizing your purpose over your relationship, how to handle women’s emotional storms, the reasons you are attracted to some women over others, and of course, how to have incredible “spiritual” intimacy when you do find that woman of your dreams.

Check it out here

2. Models

Completely trashing the pick up artist theory and offering a more holistic approach to dating and relationships, Mark Manson offers the premiere how to guide to dating and seduction with his book “Models”

Manson’s book is focused on becoming a man of worth and confidence instead of faking confidence to pick up low self esteem girls at bars.

He covers everything from style, to personal change, to conversation and physical escalation, and equipped with this book and a burning desire to take action, you will find yourself dating more women than you ever thought possible.

Check it out here

3. Mate

The brainchild of Dr. Geoffrey Miller and fratire king Tucker Max “Mate” offers the conclusive guide on becoming the man that women want, combining both evolutionary psychology and anecdotal experience into one.

Mate focuses on attracting women by becoming a high quality man and developing a social circle that naturally attracts equally high quality women, instead of focusing on lines and gimmicks.

Detailing everything from how you should dress and speak to activities you should invest in and how to have a kickass personal life, Mate is an extensive and finely written guide that will give you everything you need to create a kickass social circle and date the women of your dreams.

Check it out here

4. The Dating Playbook for Men

Written by the founder of Knowledge for Men and top men’s coach Andrew Ferebee (whom I recently had the pleasure of joining for a retreat) The Dating Playbook for Men is a phenomenal book that teaches you everything you need to know to attract, date, and build a relationship with the women of your dreams.

Andrew’s conversational style of writing and no bullsh*t approach offer a book that is both informative and entertaining and guarantees results, IF you put in the work!

Check it out here

5. No More Mr. Nice Guy

Written by renowned psychiatrist Dr. Robert Glover, No More Mr Nice Guy tackles the ugly “nice guy syndrome” head on.

Dr. Glover shows men how their “niceness” is anything but, and helps them dig through their own fears and insecurities to figure out the beliefs that have been holding them back with women and life.

This is a must read that will hit you close to home and help you discover how to kill your inner nice guy, go after what you want and achieve success with women you had only dreamed of.

Check it out here

6. Hold Onto Your N.U.T.S.

Written by Wayne Levine, a men’s/relationship coach, Hold Onto Your NUTS teaches men how to develop Non-negotiable, Unalterable, Terms for how they will live their lives and go after their goals.

This book is about developing an identity and code of conduct as a strong man that women will respect and naturally be attracted to.

By setting unalterable terms for how you will live your life, the things you will and will not tolerate, and the type of man you will be, you become powerful and attractive to women and the world.

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7. The Evolution of Desire

Written by evolutionary psychologist Dr. David Buss, The Evolution of desire is a scientific guide to why women and men want what they want and why they act the way they do in mating.

While it is not a dating book per-se, it offers invaluable nuggets of wisdom on what women are thinking and why and will help you to understand one of the greatest mysteries in the known world (why women do what they do)

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In Conclusion

While these books in and off themselves will not turn you into a badass casanova over night, if you take massive action on the information that they provide and do the work you will be able to date more and more high quality women than you ever thought possible.

And by learning what women want and how to be an attractive man, you will one day find yourself ready and equipped to tackle “the one” (if you believe in that stuff) when she presents herself.

So good luck gentleman.

Get to work!