Ok, so we may have lied a little bit in the hook, these 10 gadgets won’t make you more manly, but at the very least they will make you feel far more manly, suave and sophisticated. And if that helps you to become a better man, than its a solid purchase in our eyes!

10 Gadgets to Boost Your Manliness

1. A Straight Razor Shave Set


One of the most badass and masculine purchases you can make, a straight razor is not just something that serves as a counter piece, but also an incredibly practical investment that will save you boatloads of money in the long run.

While the upfront cost of a razor is certainly a bit pricey, if you look at the long term, it is far less expensive than replacing expensively cheap cartridge razors every other week and buying crappy shaving cream.

Straight razors offer you a closer and cleaner shaving experience that is an awesome ritual to add to your morning routine.

There is just something about using a shave brush and having a sharp blade at your throat every morning that reminds you that you are alive and it reminds you of that classical view of what it means to be a man.

2. A Dinosaur Bone Pocket Knife (What??)


One of the coolest edc (everyday carry) items on the market, this dinosaur bone pocket knife from the boys over at Huckberry is by far the most interesting knife you will ever find.

The ultimate form of peacocking, just imagine the cool points you’ll earn with your lady friends when they need you to cut a tag or box and you whip out this prehistoric bad boy!?

3. This iPhone Case


Ok, so as guys, we all like to live dangerously, and as such, it is normally a good idea to protect our phones from any sort of unwanted damage caused by (but not limited to):

  • Throwing
  • Smashing
  • Flame thrower-ing
  • Knifing
  • Sword fighting
  • Alligator wrassling
  • Wild West Shootouts
  • And of course…bears

So what’s better to protect your phone than a case displaying your masculinity for all to see!?

With this awesome “Man Punching Bear” Phone case, not only will you save yourself a few hundred dollars in the event that you drop your phone, but you will also have one of the most interesting phones of any of your friends and have a great conversation starter when you are out at the bar.

4. Invisible Floating Bookshelf


So if you have been following The Bachelor Guide or any other men’s interest website for any amount of time, you will have undoubtedly heard of the importance of consistent self education, and frequent reading.

Well now, not only can you impress your friends with your extensive library of Voltaire, Nietzsche, Plato and Aurelius, but you can also dazzle them with this awesome floating bookshelf.

These cool shelves also serve as awesome conversation starters that will allow you to go deeper with any fine ladies that you bring over.

I mean really, who doesn’t love a good conversation about the nihilistic philosophies of a certain well mustached German?

5. The Hario Olive Wood French Press


Whether you drink coffee or not, this olive wood french press is a beautiful counter piece that will spruce up any kitchen and also allow you to make a kick ass cup of joe for anyone you have over.

With an in-your-face Seattle hipster vibe, this coffee brewer is a great way to gain some street cred with caffeine junkies and to look way more sophisticated than you really are with your girlfriend (just be sure you learn how to use it before she comes over)

6. Tactical Flask


Regardless of whether you are a frequent whiskey enthusiast or the occasional drinker, this tactical flask will add incredible flair and pizazz (such an odd word) to your drinking style.

Not only will you look cooler and more sophisticated drinking out of a flask, but your “cool points” will instantly double when the flask you have looks like something out a modern warfare movie.

7. Pro Diver Watch


Nothing says more about a man and his personal style than his selection of his time piece.  From suave and sophisticated to arrogant and ostentatious, the type of watch you select can be the difference between being seen as a low key badass and a high key jerk.

This particular watch (Invicta Men’s Pro Diver) walks that line with an incredible amount of finesse, offering a watch that is both stylish and good looking as well as appropriate and inconspicuous.

And best of all? It’s incredibly inexpensive and if taken care of will last for years.

8. Cigar Punch Cuff Link


This is possibly my favorite item on the whole list! For all of you cigar enthusiasts, you know there is nothing worse than having a great cigar ruined because you lack the proper cutter or cigar punch. (your teeth don’t count)

Well fret not, because now, as long as you remain stylish, you will always have access to a proper punch with these epic cuff links. And, if you aren’t a cigar enthusiast yourself, at the very least, these serve as an amazing gift for all of the friends in your life who enjoy the occasional (ha!) Padron.

9. Slim Wallet


As the trend towards minimalism becomes more and more prevalent, slimmer wallets are becoming more and more popular.

Not only are they easier to carry and keep track of, but they also prevent you from carrying around tons of unnecessary gift cards, and other crap.

They look cool, they are practical, and they just make life a whole lot easier.

10. The Sage Advice Mug


While you may want to hide this item whenever you have the family over, it is a great motivation to have some (exceedingly explicit) advice on success and life coming your way every morning with your cup of coffee.

This epic mug will remind you of your goals, what you  are seeking to accomplish and what you want to leave behind, and that is the manliest thing of all, living your life in congruence with a bigger mission and for a bigger purpose.

While all of these gadgets and toys are great, nothing is better than living a life of purpose and impact, and if you need a coffee mug with one too many f-words on it to remind you of that every day, then so be it.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, 10 gadgets to help you feel manlier. While none of them really break the bank, we thought we would share what we have been enjoying and what we have found interesting in the hopes that you will find something here to spruce up your life.

So until next time, stay humble, stay hungry, and stay classy San Diego.