So often, young guys like myself are tormented during their time in university with thoughts of traveling the world, of wild adventures, of epic tales of self reliance, and of relationships with exotic foreign girls.

However, they decide to do the “responsible” thing and continue on with their studies, promising themselves that they will travel after they graduate.

And of course, graduation comes, and they are siphoned into a low level management job, banging away behind a desk, promising themselves that they will save up and use their two weeks to have some grand adventure.

But something always comes up

A car breaks down, money disappears into happy hour with the boys, there is an apartment upgrade that they just “have” to have, and by the time vacation rolls around, they are left with only enough savings to enjoy a lazy weekend drinking budget mojitos at the nearest beach.

What most men do not realize is that by not prioritizing travel, they are robbing themselves of immense personal growth, and life changing experiences.

As I am writing this article sitting in my hostel in Peru, one week into an epic year long adventure, I can attest to this first hand.

While there are a number of b.s. mental blocks that you may have about travel (and we will address these in a later article detailing how to turn travel dreams into a reality) the simple fact is that without experiencing travel for yourself, you simply cannot appreciate what it will do for you and your personal growth.

And after you experience it, you will never go back

Why Travel Will Make you a Badass

1. It Will Make You More Open Minded

When you travel from country to country, exposing yourself to new cultures and ways of living, it will force you to reexamine your beliefs about life, success, and fulfillment.

You will find people who have nothing, yet are so fiercely prideful that they will refuse any handouts, and in fact insist upon making you a guest in their home.

You will meet individuals who have shunned the societal norms and decided to make a permanent life on the road, traveling from place to place, working and relying on the kindness of strangers for a roof over their heads and food on their plates.

You will also find the super wealthy taking a one week sabbatical  from their crazy lives, seeming to be completely miserable with the existence that they have worked so hard to build.

No matter where you travel, or for how long, you will be faced with uncommon people, cultures, and lifestyles that will make you reconsider whether the western way of doing things is truly better.

And while you may not decide to sell all of your posessions and become a permanent vagabond, at the very least, you will become more open to other ways of living and may decide to incorporate something you learned in your travels to lead a better and more balanced lifestyle.

Outside of the obnoxiously opinionated individuals you will occasionally meet, travel will allow you the time, space, and open minded conversations to really examine your beliefs and think about things more critically.

Coming back home, you will find that you are less quick to judge and more quick to approach issues with an open mind, something that is valuable in life and attractive to others.

2. It Will Teach You Self Reliance

We live in a highly pussified society where men are no longer men and many people no longer wish to have any sort of self reliance in their lives.

They want others to make the decisions, bring home the bacon, and live their lives for them.

After traveling for any appreciable amount of time, this will be completely eradicated from your system.

From getting lost in a city with no map, to learning how to negotiate with locals, to avoiding muggings and pickpocketing when you are in a dangerous area, travel will force you to pull up your big boy undies.

Nothing teaches a man that he can handle whatever the world throws at him quite like conquering a totally unfamiliar country all by himself.

If you can come into a land that speaks a different language than you and has completely different cultural and societal norms and still create a thriving life, you will know that there are truly no mountains tall enough and no valleys wide enough to stop you from reaching your goals.

3. It Will Put Life into Perspective

Sadly, we live in a victim society, a society where everyone complains and blames others for their often petty problems.

You have grown men throwing hissy fits over a broken iPhone and complaining about the cost of gas to fill up their $40,000 BMW.

Traveling will put these issues into perspective.

When you see women holding their children and begging on the streets, being ignored by all of the passerbys, and when you see children growing up in huts and slums, being surrounded by drugs and violence, it will make you think twice before you bitch about how expensive your renters insurance is.

4. It Will Force You to Overcome Social Anxiety

Unless you want to suffer from crippling loneliness and a minor sense of despair, you will quickly overcome any social anxiety you have when you are on the road.

And the great things is that it is incredibly easy to do. Starting conversations and making friends in hostels and other travel hotspots is the normal thing to do and will open up the doors to epic nights, awesome adventures, and maybe even some on the road romance 😉

If you have ever struggled making friends, hostels are a great resource when you are on the road as even the most socially awkward person can easily interject themselves into a conversation and find common ground with other travellers.

And while cigarettes certainly aren’t a habit we would recommend, buying a few packs back home and taking them with you to give out is one of the best things you can do to instantly build trust and camaraderie among fellow vagabonds.

5. It Will Give you Great Stories & Improve Your Odds with the Ladies

I’ve been out of the country for about a week and so far, I have almost been pickpocketed, have learned to haggle for prices, nearly been run over by a crazy taxi driver, had my best friend hit on by a group of cougars, and been offered more cocaine and weed than you can shake a stick at.

Imagine what a 3-6 month sabbatical would leave you with?

And what’s so great about these stories? Women love them!

As long as you are humble about your exploits, you can keep any woman completely enraptured in your travel tales, and easily stand out from all the other men vying for her attention.

In Conclusion

Travel will simply make you a better man.

You will learn to be kinder, more empathetic, open minded, self reliant, and adventurous. You will learn how to relax, how to party, and how to grind whenever the money gets tight.

Nothing will enhance your personal growth more than travelling, so stop worrying and buy the plane ticket.

You can thank us later